Albums and Hard Bound Books

Albums are a wonderful way to tie layouts together into one cohesive theme. The theme of an album can be as specific or as general as you want. Sizes for albums range from 4x6 (brag book size) to 12x12 sizes. An album comes standard with 20 single page layouts or 10 two-page layouts. These can make great gifts as brag books for grandparents or ABC books for children. What about a "Who Loves Baby?" book with pictures of family members as a baby gift? Event albums, annual albums, heritage albums, or an album for each child. The only limits that exist are bound by your imagination.

Hard bound books are also an excellent choice. They allow for greater durability and you don't have to worry about your pages falling out. Hard bound books come with 20 pages. Books start with 5x5 size and go to 12x12. These are quality pieces that will last.